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Spain Motorcycle Tour - Day 8 - Ronda to Marbella

From: Ronda Via: Jubrique To: Marbella Distance: 70 Miles Wednesday, 2nd September

Last night a friend dropped us a note on Facebook after seeing a picture of us at Ronda. She suggested a route towards Estepona and then down the coast to Marbella that would be fun to ride. If a biker raves about a road, it's best to take their advice, so we did.

The route turned out to be a winner, a lovely, twisty, mountainous road with mainly good Tarmac, though not as good as our route to Ronda and a significant number of patches - which is fine on the Explorer but a maze to work through on the Sprint.

Riding with friends, Alex and Lizzy on their fully loaded BMW Adventure

We are joined today by Alex and Lizzy who are two up with full luggage and tent on a BMW Adventure.

We stopped for a drink and a bite to eat in a little mountain village called Jubrique, where the proprietor suggests that we eat in Marbella's old town that evening.

Stunning roads from Ronda - to Jubrique and on to Estepona

Stunning roads from Ronda - to Jubrique and on to Estepona

Up in the mountains near Jubrique

A view of Gibraltar as we near Estepona

A visit to Matt Black Customs

Tonight we are staying at a rather over priced resort hotel. Hotels can often be a bit funny about receiving bikers covered in road grime.  As we pull into the hotel and park outside the front door, we get our first funny look. Using the mantra, 'don't ask, assume' we tell the employee that we are leaving the bikes here until we are checked in and unpacked. Nervous agreement from the bell boy.

We check in - "ah you are on motorbikes, I hope you took the Ronda to Monda road"...maybe next time.

The afternoon is spent with the four of us making use of the hotel beach front - free for residents or  35 euros if not! Our teeny weeny room, was going to pay for itself - we'll get even better value when we hit the breakfast buffet tomorrow!

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