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Spain Motorcycle Tour - Day 16 - Bilbao to the Ferry home

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

From: Bilbao To: The Bilbao to Portsmouth Ferry Distance: 11 miles Thursday, 10th September

Our ferry back to the UK doesn't not leave until noon, so we take the opportunity to spend the morning visiting the Guggenheim.

The city centre is more manicured than I expected (I can't remember why I thought that) as we walk through the park to the museum.

We take photos of the outside, impressed by the architecture and head in. Inside, the architecture seems fussy and the artistic idea of the atrium as heart with arteries leading into the galleries comes off as overly busy with lots of wasted space.

We see Jeff Koons' big metal balloon sculptures, a few of which we had seen previously at MOMA in NY as well as a Jeff Koons exhibition.

Finally, we take some time to relax in a nearby square and have a last Spanish tour meal of bread and  tapas.

It's then back to the hotel to pick up the bikes and a short ride to the ferry for home. The second ferry journey is less of a novelty, but it does give us some time to think about where we might go on our next trip.

If you are contemplating a bike trip, with easy riding, great countryside, quiet roads, with lots to offer on and off the bike then you can't go wrong with Spain. Pick the right time of year and it's warm but not too hot, the wine is good and the food is cheap.

We'll definitely be back to Spain, mostly for track days, but that's for another blog post. Until the next trip...

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