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Spain Motorcycle Tour - Day 15 - Soria to Bilbao

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

From: Soria To: Bilbao Distance: 169 miles Wednesday, 9th September

In theory we should be doing roughly the same miles as yesterday with the TomTom set to windy roads. However, due to where we are in northern Spain, this ends up being just a couple of nice windy bits in between stretches of highway.

The first stretch is through a forested area, the Parque Natural Sierra de Cebollera. Up to a panoramic view point on excellent tarmac road, then down the other side on much poorer Tarmac joining the traffic - cows and the odd horse!

After a dull stretch, we turn right and head up through the Rioja region. All the land for miles is covered in vineyards and we pass about 5 huge wineries (bodegas) with large tasting and eating venues.

The vineyards give way to a steep mountain, the Puerto de Herrera  so we follow the road up and look back down on the valley below.

View from El Balcón de La Rioja - Puerto de Herrera

As we get closer to Bilbao there is much more traffic and we switch the TomTom onto the fastest route into town.

Bilbao is a turn up for the books and it's nice to end up in a city. Having a sort of city break at the end of our trip is much better than a motorway slog through France. To celebrate, we park the bikes at the hotel and go for a walk around the city center followed by sushi for dinner in the newly opened Sushi Shop.

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