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Spain Motorcycle Tour - Day 10 - Granada rest day, the Alhambra

From: Granada To: Granada Distance: 0 miles Friday, 4th of September

It is an off-the-bike day today, but we do get to experience a highlight of the tour and a place I have always wanted to visit. So having booked our tickets some time in advance, we get up early and take a taxi to the Alhambra.

Our tickets were for the first entry to the Nasir palace in the hope that it is slightly quieter. However, there are already queues at 7.30 am when we arrive and the ticket office opens at 8. The doors to the garden open at 8.15 and palace at 8.30.

All the queuing adds a seemingly unnecessary sense of urgency - but it is worth it to see the Palace. This is what we came to Moorish Spain to see. I love the geometric designs and we spend the day exploring this amazing place and taking loads of photos. It was an amazing experience and I cannot recommend it enough!

We have breakfast in a delightful little hotel square in the grounds where we fed the semi tame sparrows with crumbs. After several hours of exploring we left about 1.30 - all cultured out.

Hungry by now, we happen upon the Mercado San Agustin where you can have drinks and plates from any of the stalls in the excellent little food market. Fuelled with a few beers, we set about on a successful clothes shop before returning exhausted to the hotel.

Later that night we meet Lizzy and Alex for dinner at the foot of the castle and enjoy good conversation and lots of red wine.

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