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Scotland Motorcycle Tour - Day 14 - Blackpool to London

The joys of the M6 a traffic jam and a fuel gauge reading zero

From: Blackpool

To: London

Distance: 225 miles

The last day of the trip was all about making good time. We joined the M6 just outside Blackpool and headed home by the motorway.

Our uninteresting choice of route was spiced up first by a traffic jam which we had to filter through. My fuel warning light had been on for some time and the low gear filtering burned through my 40 mile range in considerably less than 40 miles. Finally my fuel gauge started reading zero for the last 15 miles to the nearest petrol station. This was a detour as if we had stayed on the planned road I would have run out of petrol long before the next station. Alisa was unimpressed with my unscheduled detour as she hadn't got a clue why I suddenly rode off in the wrong direction.

It's surprising how far the Explorer can go when it's saying it's empty.

Around midday we worked our way through the busy London traffic and parked our now filthy bikes up in the garden to enjoy a beer. I checked my panniers and was happy to find that all five bottles of Whisky had made it intact. I'll call that a successful trip.

All in all we had ridden approximately 2,200 miles over the last 14 days. Including our rest days this was an average of 157 miles per day. If we remove the two rest days where we didn't really get on the bikes, this averages approximately 180 miles a day. It's a comfortable distance but I certainly would not recommend riding longer than this if you want to be able to stop, enjoy the scenery or explore places en route. 150 miles is about the best distance to have the best of being both on and off the bike.

After 2,200 miles the bikes are ready for a wash and a rest - as are we.

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