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Scotland Motorcycle Tour - Day 12 - Glasgow rest day

A rainy day at Loch Lomond just outside Glasgow

Distance: 0 miles

Time for a well earned rest day in Glasgow. We stayed with Alisa's parents, filled them in on our trip and relaxed before the final leg home.

After nursing my worn out rear tyre to Glasgow and riding very carefully on wet roads I was glad of the opportunity to get new tyres at Mickey Oates, so I left the bike with them for the day. Typically when I went to pick it up is started raining hard, so I also rode back to Alisa's parents gingerly in the wet on brand new rubber.

The day was not totally lost, we made the most of being back in the city and had brunch in the West End and toured the whisky shops on the hunt for the, so far, elusive bottle of Bladnoch. Finally, we found two bottles which had gone up a third in price. I was tempted to get them both and eBay one at a later date. But with four bottles already in the panniers space was getting tight.

After washing some of our kit and a nice evening meal with Alisa's parents we had an early night in preparation for the ride south in the morning. Though we are on the final home leg we'll make the most of it and stay off the motorways where possible.

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