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Photo's from the London Motorcycle Show 2015

The Dr. is in the house, or at least his bikes are

Every year the big London bike show comes around and every year we debate whether or not we should go. Once you have been to a few bike shows they are obviously much of a sameness. Every year we invariable do go and then we try not to spend too much money.

As we had other plans this weekend the 2015 show at excel was a two hour breeze around the bikes and stands. 

Some of the highlights were:

  • The F1 Norton's (no pics as there was a talk in progress and I couldn't get to the bikes).

  • Valentino Rossi's bikes on display

  • James May and Richard Hammond's bikes on display

  • The new and slight mental Kawasaki H2 road bike

  • The chance to sit on lots of bikes you can't afford

As our the show was a quick tour for us, here's a short and sweet selection of photos of some of the exotica on offer...

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