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Track fairing, paint and parts - Daytona 675R Track bike

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

A new race fairing from UK Race Support was test fitted before sending off to paint. The fairing arrived in a large box and on inspection you can tell it is for race use only. After taking off the tough, well made Triumph fairing, the race one looks like it was made in someone's garden shed. Having said that, the fitting process was much easier than expected and came together much quicker than either if the fairings we have put on the NC30. What we did find though was that the original screen no longer fitted, so a new screen was added to the shopping list.

Well fitting fairings, in roughly the colour of the tank

Having a look around Facebook for suggestions for someone to do the fairing, we came across Tim from Scorch Motorcycles Services. It being a small world, we realise we have a number of biking friends in common and he kindly agreed to let us drop off and collect the fairings from his home rather than travel further to his workshop.

My desire is to have the fairings the same colour as the tank, which is a pearlescent white. The deciding factor for this is really that I don't want to change the tank colour. The original looks good and if I ever put the bike back to road use, I'll want it stock. I did have a look at second hand tanks on eBay but was only able to find very badly dented ones, so I decided to paint the fairings to match the tank.

Of course, Triumph will not tell you their paint colours. At all. I'm really surprised by this. Having touched up a number of cars, I've had people spray them and been able to buy touch up pens. That clearly isn't going to happen with the Daytona. Tim fortunately knows a company that matches as close as they can and that is all I can ask for. Once the bike is 'stickered' up, it isn't likely to matter.

The second thing that Tim points out is that I have chosen the most complicated paint colour - a pearlescent will mean a convoluted paint process with additional layers - and cost. Oh well.

SES Rear Sets

The final addition that I think I need is a set of rear sets. If I'm honest, everyone else seems to think I need rear sets, but I can see the value of being able to change bits rather than the whole set if I drop the bike and maybe I will get to the point of changing the position on them.

After much research, I settle on what seems to be cheapest - a set of SES rear sets from T3 Racing.  On arrival, they are as well made as any others I have seen, so I am pleased. The fitting process takes a bit more patience though. With no instructions, other than a comment on the phone that you need to swivel your quick shifter around, the fitting process is done wholly with reference to a few images found via google search.

Daytona 675R with newly painted race fairing

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