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New parts order for the R65 :-)

Now that the BMW R65 is up and running, we get to ride it for the summer while we search around for design inspiration and the many parts we need/want.

Our first 'win' here came from Down and Out. After getting some crazy quotes from London based outfits we came across the team at Down and Out who are based near Sheffield.

After and one simple phone call they were able to hook us up with a number of key items from our parts list. They were not only helpful, but well priced, well made and they even dropped the parts off to us at the Kickback show, so no postage fees!

From the Down and Out team we acquired:

  • Two rear shocks

  • Custom rear subframe

  • Custom battery box with mounts

  • Front mudguard with mounts

  • Rear mudguards with mounts

  • Number plate holder

  • Rear light

There's a long way to go, but this gives us a great time to save up for more parts before the  winter strip and rebuild.

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