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New high performance PFM brake discs for the VFR400

After finally finishing the Honda VFR400 last year, and subsequently using it for brisk summer rides and the occasional track day session, it soon became apparent that a couple of improvements were badly needed if I plan to take the bike on track again.

The first item on the list was the brakes. The discs had been slightly warped since I first owned the bike and had become progressively worse over time. They generated a very obvious vibration through the lever at speed, which changed to a definite pulse at lower speeds. Using track focused Bendix MRR sintered pads meant that I still had plenty of braking power, but a warped disc is never going to perform that well and can quickly become a safety issue.

So I bit the bullet and duck deep into the wallet to purchase some PFM high performance discs from They are trick bits of kit with the centre carriage milled from billet and they also incorporate a quick release system. Replacing the brake rotor in future will be much more cost effective. I also added new MRR pads front and rear and refreshed the fluids in the system.

After fitting them at Oval Motorcycle Centre OMC I took the bike out to gently wear in the rotors. I can feel the difference through the lever in terms of brake feel, but also the stopping power is noticeably different. A week or two later and I had to do an emergency stop which lifted the rear wheel even at low speed. I don't intend to do more of those, but once I get used to the brakes they should be beneficial on track and on the road.

A pricey upgrade, but brakes, rubber and suspension are all now sorted.

In with the new - Shiny quick release high performance PFM discs

worn and warped OEM Honda discs

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