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Mothers Against Death Sports

The first rule of the internet is, 'don't feed the trolls' - it's from back in the day when bulletin boards were all the rage - someone would post something provocative and it would all kick off and end in a 'flame war'.


Sadly with the demise of the bulletin board and Usenet this rule has often been forgotten and people often rise to the bait.

Recently I came across a Facebook page called Mothers Against Death Sports. I've no idea if it's a serious page, written by some American conservative right wing type, or just a brilliantly curated bit of internet bait.

The picture above is a classic - and the commentary below goes with it - needless to say bikers pile in to criticise, joke, mock in disbelief etc - as for me, it's one of the funnier bike related sites I follow - just for kicks. Why not join the conversation ;-)

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