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Kickback custom show photo gallery

As 'Hans' our BMW R65 project is now up and running we plan to ride it for the summer just as it is.

Next winter will see us completely strip and rebuild the bike (at least that's the plan). In the meantime, while we get a feel for the bike, we are also looking to make design decisions and start acquiring parts. So far we know that we want to build a street scrambler, but even though the bike is 30 years old we want it to have a modern, clean feel and use modern components.

We shall visit a few shows this year where we can check out some 'new wave' customs (though I dislike that term) including BMWs - though the R65 is a less popular build model, similar BMWs are popular. We'll also chat to a few of the companies that make parts as it's best to see some parts in the flesh.

The first show of the year for us was KickBack at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire, just over two hours drive from London. The show is fairly new, in its third year, and has a real mix of customs, from traditional choppers, old skull bikes, to Rat bikes and new wave hipster builds.

We came away from the show with a lot of inspiration, a number of new parts for the build (separate post to follow) and after seeing a few Honda Cub customs, some ideas for a potential future build.

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