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Hideout Custom Leathers

Customised with the A&G Logo

Having spent two years wearing Gareth's leathers to Ladies track days, I thought it was about time to buy my own (Gareth thought so too).  The selection of leathers for women is ok, but not great. Once I had discounted the flowery and pink sets, the only ones that I like are Dianese  - but I also know about three people who already have them.

Having investigated a bit more, and with a tax refund burning a hole in my pocket, I started to look at custom leathers. I was keen on getting a pair that actually fit me, not a generic lady, so as long as I could take the cost, this was going to work out best in terms of a 'fit'.

Hideout stood out, as they make their ladies suits to a pattern designed for women - which seems like a good start. Following a phone call to make an appointment, we headed out to Northern Essex one Saturday in February for the first consultation with Kate, the owner.

The fitting experience, is very similar to getting a wedding dress. Measurements taken on visit one; a loosely made suit ready on visit two and then you go back for the final suit. The price isn't that dissimilar either - though this suit has been much better value than my wedding dress!

As you can see from the grin, I was rather chuffed with the end result.

Since these photos were taken, I have now worn the leathers in earnest for a number of track days.

On the pro side, these leathers look great, the suit is beautifully made and there is no-one else with the same suit. On the negative side, they are very tight across the shoulders & arms, and even having had one adjustment, they are a struggle with a back protector in. I actually need someone else to get me in and out of them - though I usually find someone in the garage to help!

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