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Triumph Explorer

(Current) Gareth's 2012 Launch edition Triumph Explorer. Owned since new. Capable, quality finish and oodles of power. A great tourer with the exception of buffeting.

Triumph Daytona 675R

(Current) Alisa's Triumph Daytona 675R bought as a road bike and converted for the track. It's now in its second livery after Gareth crashed it twice!


(Current) Gareth's S1000RR former DMR Macau GP and Phil Crowe racing bike, now going a lot slower with Gareth on it. The paint scheme is racy though!

BMW R65 Custom

(Current) Alisa's lovingly 'restored' 1984 BMW R65 re-imagined as a custom scrambler. When asked how much time and money goes into something like this, her answer is "all of it!"

Moto Guzzi 850 T3

(Current) Gareth's 1978 Moto Guzzi 850 T3. It's low and slow and a real pleasure to ride. Perfect for a bimble to country pub for lunch, but just as at home at a hipster or classic meet as it's nearly as old as him.

Honda Cub

(Current) It's not strictly ours but this little C90 Honda cub is shared with some friends and we run it at the 8 hour Plop Enduro events.

Suzuki GSXR1300R Hayabusa

(Sold) Gareth's 2nd Huyabusa, bought after the first one was stolen. A unique bike. Not exactly a looker either. It is caught somewhere between tourer and sports bike. I did a lot of miles, but sold it for the comfort of a real tourer.

Ducati 848 Evo

(Sold) Gareth's first serious track bike. Having never ridden a twin when he bought it, it took some getting used to, but it took him from the slow end of novice group to the quick end of inters.

vfr 400 nc30

(Current) Our 1989 Honda VFR 400R NC30. This bike was a rolling wreck when we bought it. It was the bike Gareth wanted but couldn't afford when he started riding. It's been lovingly restored, tracked and now kept as a sunny afternoon toy.

Triumph Sprint GT

(Sold) Alisa's old Sprint GT. Bought after a she road across the US on one just like it. A great motorway tourer, but a compromise everywhere else.

Yamaha Fazer S2

(Sold) Alisa's Yamaha Fazer S2 was her first bike bike. Solid bike with great build quality and a very revy engine. Alisa never got on with it and it was soon swapped for a Triumph Sprint

1994 Suzuki GSXR750

(Sold) Gareth's 1994 GSXR 750. Looked like a shell suit on wheels with it's blue and purple paint scheme. It was loud and obnoxious, just what a GSXR should be.

Kawasaki ZZR400

(Sold) Gareth's ZZ400 was his first bike. Bought as a practical commuter for a 100 mile per day round trip. It did 35,000 miles in it's first year, never missed a beat. Sold to a friend who wrote it off within a couple of weeks.

Yamaha YBR

Alisa's First bike - It was just about the perfect first bike, bought new and sold a year later for almost what we paid for it.

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